Production capacity

1. Basic and active storage of explosives.

Basic and active storage of explosives.

2. ROC L8 Drilling rig.

Atlas Copco Drilling rig is a rig with down hole hammer to drill wells of 54 m depth, with 110-203 mm diameter in surface quarry. Rig is designed to drill operating, blast holes, to drill contour and bench holes, dewatering wells for pressure relief of open-pit side and other drilling operations required in production.

ROC L8 Drilling rig.

Advantages of ROC L8 Drilling rig:

  • Drilling under various angles, accuracy of angle settlement and drilling depth;

Advantages of ROC L8 Drilling rig

Decrease of overburden ration due to doubling and pre-splitting of ledge using controlled blasting.


Advantages of controlled blasting:

а) decrease of over break of rocks over project contour;

б) increase of stability of high-walls and benches of open-cut; therefore ensuring the safety of field development operations and results in cutting of supporting expenses;


Quarry edge using controlled blasting.


  • Flexibility and mobility – rapid and safe moving from one work site to another and easy transportation from a quarry to a quarry


3. Caterpillar shovel CATERPILLAR 320С, rock bucket 1,5 cubic meters


4. Dump trucks


5. Truck tanks


6. Vehicles to transport explosives